Welcome to our Story

Home Sweet Home

This is our home, it's a mess I know... a beautiful mess... Join me as I scrape up pennies to beautify it one square foot @ a time.... help me plan on decor, landscaping, projects, colors - whatever! - a little about me??? 

Well I am a country girl @ heart with a heart for distressed era items, but with a punch of rainbows - I know right? What in the world does that look like??? I don't know either!! My entire house needs to be redone for various reasons... and I don't have 2 dimes to rub together but with time and patience - I will conquer this palace! 

Our home is a safe haven for animals and children - no really it is, see.....

we are a rescue and sanctuary for fowl and small livestock (www.clucking4jesus.com) 

and we are also licensed through the state of Texas as a foster and adopt home for children who need refuge... 

In reality this is God's House/Farm - we are just blessed to live here and call it home while inhabiting this earth, come along and follow me for this journey! Inspire and encourage me a long the way!!!