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Friday, December 31, 2010

Thrilled about 2011

Can I just tell you in my most exciting voice how THRILLED I am about 2011??? I know God has put into motion so many prayers that have been prayed upon into full force - some of those things I will reserve for a future post... I am doing a Beth Moore Study starting February 4th David seeking a heart like His I already jumped into the workbook as I am still on fire from the last study I did of hers Believing God - Here is a peek at the upcoming study

The group and DVD sessions are on Wednesday mornings in Magnolia, Texas ~ and you are most welcome to embark on this journey with me :) ~ I know I have already asked a few friends as well as my mother.

Another exciting thing is our Non Profit clucking4jesus is growing beyond habitat capacity, we are budgeting for the parameter fencing to go up as early as March as well as new covered habitats and runs to protect the small animals we home from flight predators ~ if you are wanting to help in anyway this includes swinging a hammer, let us know! Here are a few of last intakes we took over December...4 African Male Geese, these came from a wonderful home
that was needing to downsize their bird population. They are absolutely well mannered and just beautiful. Have a look for yourself!
First night in Observation Pen
These Guys have always been caged, Here most everything gets to free range ~ they were quite puzzled and have become part of the main flock within their first week here.

Our last release/intake this year is Henry. Henry will be a permanent resident here for various reasons mostly because she comes with a special story but also for legal reasons - Henry (Henrietta) is a Muscovy duck who was rescued by a family in Sugar Land while only a few days old... They took wonderful care for her and provided her with the love, nutrition and attention she craved, however @ maturity for most wild animals even when domesticated can become quite agitated because it becomes impossible for them to live out there God driven instincts that they were born with and develop more so as they mature. Ducks Mature from the ages of 4 months to 8 months depending on breed and will begin nipping, scratching, nesting and or mating instincts... Henry's family made a hard decision and brought her to us to reside at our private sanctuary for winged feather babies... Henry has been with us for a little over 2 weeks now and has been a sheer delight to our bird and human family!!! Here she is...

Henry has never swam on her own pond before :)

Look @ her go flying into the water!!!
Here she is with Sam again he is almost 2 years old and was brought in from another family in Katy, TX ~ Sam is also a permanent resident here.
We are hoping and PRAYING that we will be able to accomplish a lot of building up this coming year please do feel free to follow along as I journal the progress!

Ending the year also means cleaning up, I need to change my blog header but I love it so much, so forgive me if you see Santa up there a while longer ;o) ~ We are also overhauling the inside of our home with some big changes to come and can't wait to share - Thank you everyone who stops by and reads and a special thank you for the comments, they are always encouraging!! Much love to you and yours in 2011!

~Our God is Beyond Words of Love, Faith, and Awesomeness ~
He is everything Beautiful

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