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Monday, November 14, 2011

Home Improvement

So the carpet upstairs has been deemed beyond disgusting... It was Berber beige which would have never been our choice as our 4 children inhibited that space for a good portion of their growing years as well as various animals and foster children.... the carpet was stained, tattered, had multiple runs in it, toenail polish, glitter paint, spills, and other crafty stuff that certainly did not belong on the floor...

Two weeks ago we decided to take a plunge and decided to install laminate flooring, which we have never done... this involved ripping off all the baseboards and removing the disgusting carpet which I will show in a bit as embarrassed as I am - but for you to get the full impact it must be shown ;)

Yes I know - EWWWW - So as you can see we were LONG over due needing to replace the flooring upstairs...

But wait!!!
It gets even better.... after pulling up the carpet ... we were anticipating seeing the sub flooring-
UGH - the reveal was glorious country peel and stick blue a what once may have been white but now just yuck....

Not even trying to understand how this would be used in a bedroom... it actually encompasses the entire upstairs!!!

Here is a glimpse of when he started in the smaller room....

SO here is the new stuff!!!!

I am thrilled!!! - We still have Sabrina and Noels room to finish it's the largest one... @ 240 sqft. We also need to put up the new baseboards and PAINT - I dislike painting but it needs to be done... I have 1 teen girls room to paint and 2 unisex rooms and the hallway. Your ideas are welcomed!


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  2. Thank you for commenting and viewing!