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Friday, January 14, 2011

How we can honor our husbands

First of all I have essentially have become the annoyance of the neighbor who leaves their Christmas tree lights on still a few weeks after Christmas... ha ~ yes I am aware that I have neglected to change my poor header for my blog... it's just so darn cute, but even I need the change... hopefully I can get to that this coming week some time ;o).

Today I want to talk about husbands... I am doing my best to devote a waking moment to God every morning not just in prayer but in scripture as well... and this week one was 1 Peter 3

Wives, in the same way submit yourselves to your own husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives,


So today I wrote down 10 things I love about my husband . . . (you can follow join in too in your blog, fb notes, or comments wherever!)

1. I love how hard he works to provide for our family.
2. I love his eye's
3. I love how he love's to learn new things
4. I love how funny he is.
5. I love how he strives to become closer to the Lord.
6. I love the relationship he has with our children.
7. I love how his relationship with Jesus, has encouraged him to have better relationships with others.
8. I love that he prays for & with me.
9. I love how he makes new friendships with Godly men.
10. I love the fact that he has hung in there with me for almost 20 years now & our marriage is now more loving & stronger than ever!

Then I focused on something personal that could use some work ~> My patience to just sit & listen, not everything needs my input.

Sometimes we focus on how we can change our husbands, so that we have a "Happy Marriage" When it should be about how can I become the wife my husband needs me to be as well as how can I become the wife GOD wants me to be.

In my daily walk I need to remember Proverbs 31:12 She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.

Ladies most of want to be treat like Queens... in order to be treated that way we have to make our husbands feel like Kings-

So... I try to remind myself

Have I blessed my husband with goodness today? Or have I treated him poorly?
Am I an encouragement to him? Our men go out into the world daily and get bombarded with negativity, people who are not Christian, foul language, temptation, just things we are completely unaware of...

When he comes home is he faced with more of the same? Do I rebuke his efforts to provide a good life for our family by being disgruntled in the evening and having a woe is me attitude?

Paying attention to what I say, if I have a complaint about my day take it to the Lord in prayer... and not unload them on my husband... no one wants to come home to a list of unfortunate events... what impression are we giving our spouse if all we do is cry, pout, or complain about...

unruly children
this messy house
that you are lonely all day
the lack of material possessions you want
or commenting on how he should be making more money
harping on the honey do list...

Remember how you believed in him when you first got married? You believed he was great! He still is! Just we forget to romance and praise each other once comfort sets in... so we become sounding boards and nothing ever valued unless it suits our purpose or need... Our men when praised, honor, and respected as God commands us to do, often leaves our husbands wanting to honor us as his Queen...

This devotional was awesome and eye opening, making me MORE aware of my attitude and response, not laying my burdens on my husband daily also lends me more time to spend with Jesus!

http://proverbs31sisters.avirtuouswoman.org/group/fromchaostocalm2010 is where is am doing my current daily devotionals... I never leave without words of encouragement and being reminded on how I can make my home a happier, peaceful home for everyone.