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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Random Tuesday Stuff

You ever have one of those days where there is a lot going on and some of it's worthy of sharing, documenting, journaling etc? I have a lot of things going on right now (I'm sure we all do) so bare with me if this all spills out into a complete mess (my mind tends to get scattered)

Remember I mentioned the Christmas Service we went to at our church First Baptist Magnolia? They offered 2 services we chose to go to the children's service since we still have kiddos... and I am so glad we did - here is a small clip from the intro... I hope there is another clip showing Taco (our youth pastor) he is the one singing... from the very beginning before they started the drumming - he was on the second floor - the place was dark and just a spot light on him singing "I play my best for him" to the tune of the drummer boy - was so amazingly awesome! The boys did a rocking job on the garbage cans check them out!!!

The entire service was just enthralling the kiddo's loved it and we still got to do the traditional candle lighting :) - definitely too good not to share!

We also travel to Austin this weekend and next so asking for prayers of travel mercy :) ~ I am excited about this trip there and can't wait to share why!

I also started another blog for my weight loss journal if you struggle with losing weight or want to just see how or what I am doing please feel free to follow!

Testimonies - if you have one share it with someone!! They do make a difference and what better to Glorify the Lord??? Than to share what he alone has done in your life how he orchestrates beautiful symphonies and creates beautiful masterpieces with our mess ups? I shared a portion of mine with a man over the weekend who's camp impacted not only our sons life, but my entire households life... and he expressed his appreciation for that ~ you know, people are packed with stories to share, we all hear about the 5 oclock news and doom, gossip magazines filter through out the check out lines in the store, the radio eek... won't go there, it just never stops - unless we make it stop! Start spreading the good news and share with another person how God has moved in your life!!!

Clucking4jesus - is going to be her year... we are doing a footage video of the work that needs to get done here for the animals, we are getting intakes in regularly now and the habitats need to be redone and expanded - amongst many other things, if you would like to see what we are doing over here please feel free to check out our channel on youtube we are adding videos daily of the different birds here and what's going on!

Schooling ~ my girls are in their 2nd semester of their 7th grade year here @ home, and my son is in his 2nd semester of his Senior Year in high school. My 20 year old is in the Army and is trying to figure out what to do with her life and college when she gets out. Myself I am working on finish my own education (Man I never thought I would say that, for I am completely content @ what I am doing) but it has to be done. :)

well okay I am off for the day and hope you are doing well!!!


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