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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Carpet Cleaner For Hire?

We have a semi new Great Pyrenees puppy "Moses"... 

adorable as he is ~ house breaking is almost done however this is a super size me pup I swear he is like quadrupled in size since we got him this past February.... look...

I know I know he is stinking cute, while  he is almost potty trained he still has his occasional accidents... which even after steam cleaned once there is still a spot, it takes 2 or 3 times of the steam cleaner to remove them, or a serious pre~treatment.  This is where the story gets good, stick with me here... 

Sunday after church we came in and the sunlight hits that ugly carpet just right as the door opens which reveal... cleaned spots that still show, so I ask my 13 yr old Sabrina to please pre~treat the spots... "yes mama" in her sweet little voice. I go sit at the dining room table with a friend who came over as well... I hear Bri and Noel in there spraying and talking away, and Sabrina asked Noel to get another can of the carpet stuff... this stuff is awesome it sprays on a lather thick like shaving cream all nice and foamy and dissolves normally with no problem. It was time for my friend to go about 30 minutes later we walk past the living area and about 10 white spots sitting there nicely absorbing everything... we leave this stuff on to do its thing until the white vanishes.  Our day gets busy as usual and we end up outside doing more stuff...  go to bed etc.

Good Morning Monday!  I got up to let the dogs out, and when I turn on the hall light I see the white spots still there, and thought how strange???
So I go over to look a bit closer and well the carpet foam looks not so foamy but still there??? 


UGH! That oh poop feeling shooting through my mind, realizing something is horribly not right!!  Stairwell light flings on... SABRINAAAAAAAAAA, mind you its all but 5ish in the morning... Sabrina appears at the top of the stairs, yes momma? Hon can you pleaseee get me the carpet cleaner you used?  Yes mam... so she zips past me and heads to where all the chemicals are kept... and brings me the can of KILZ????? OH CRAP! Sabrina honey why did you use this, she said, I thought It looked a little funny going on... I ran out of the other can of carpet max... asked Noel (her 12 yr old sister to get another can) I looked at it mom when it looked funny and the can said odor and stain blocker/remover... , so I look @ the can and sure enough :-O the front of the can said nothing about paint... it did say primer at the bottom but how was she to know?? LOL she saw the words stain and odor blocker/remover and that was good enough for her! At this point all I could say was, man this carpet sucks, and yes I want new flooring but not like this... all I could do was laugh because I was too shocked to muster up any tears worthy of shedding! Sabrina felt horrible, I told her it was OKAY it was a sincere accident.. and she did attempt to reconfirm the label, so my next week involves lots of hot water and manual scrubbing I'll let you know of any success ;o) 

Upon telling my parents what had happen my dad was kind enough to ask if it removed the stains... LOL while there are no more dark spots ... there is certainly a new stain. several of them

I love my kids and have to find the humor in things no matter how costly at times.

great Pyrenees pup - few hundred bucks
1 can of carpet cleaner 6 bucks
1 can of primer... 5 bucks
new flooring... I don't even want to know
crazy memories ~ priceless

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  1. Thanks for making me bust up laughing. I'm sure you weren't at the time, but I am glad you are now. :) I came across you when Mandie asked for her reader's blogs. :) I'm one too. Following you now, from New Braunfels, TX. ☺
    Stop by sometime. www.DavisDomestications.blogspot.com