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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

It's been 5 days since our Moses has passed, and to write about it is awfully painful.

Moses is our Great Pyrenees - I say is because he is still with us as if he were one of our kids... I walk through the house and find one of his toys, his leash his favorite resting spot... His big nose nudging under the highchair cushion hoping to find some tender yummy morsels our foster son may have left behind.... he is everywhere I look and it is painful. Moses was only 10 months old and he lived a full life - protecting our livestock, kids and our home. He was well mannered, stinking cute and a professional snorer if there ever was one.... 

Moses came inside Saturday night and wasn't interested in the table scraps we had that evening which was odd @ best.  He kind of came around to each of us for a pet and went back into the front yard to take up his guarding post for the night - around 2 am on Sunday I heard Jedi barking by the chicken cages and woke Joseph up to go see what he was barking at... in the meantime I sat up and realized I only heard one bark... so I too got up and opened the front door and called Moses, he was way up front he lifted his head but wouldn't come to me... about that time Joseph came back in from the back and I told him about Moses behavior. He went to check on him as I stood in the door... he came back and we didn't really exchange words aside that he didn't feel good... around 5 am I went to check on him again... I called him from the front door to see if he would raise his head and he wouldn't I looked closer and he looked deflated, this time I walked across the yard the dirt was cold and damp and the air was still some how I just knew he was gone :(... I stood above Moses and called his name once more hoping that he would open his eyes and I knelt over when he didn't to pet him on his head and he was gone. Joseph and Tre' prepared a burial for him that morning before church and he was laid to rest under a shade tree.... where he loved to rest. I didn't make it to church that day, well I did but I was a mess and never made it in the doors.  His death made no sense, he was up to date on all vaccines, and regimens - he was healthy- he was kept in the yard or indoors, we are a little suspicious someone may have poisoned him.. or he got into something when he got out Wednesday - 

Which has me asking do animals souls go to heaven? Of course I love the ideal that they do? But my question is real, do they?? and can someone lead me to the scripture that says they do or do not? 

Thing is... Sunday before last Brother Larry was teaching on Revelation in Sunday school class and talking about our earthly tents coming down eventually.. he mentioned he did 2 funerals the day before one for a 50 something yr old woman and another that was in her 70's... which one did we all think was expected of course most of us said the one in her 70's and he said no... the one in her 50's had suffered from a disease... and knew her time was coming.  We have a dog named Mufassa who has tumors... and is old and his time is just ticking - and we are prepared for the vet to put him down or for him to pass on his own... but Moses @ only 10 months old was just way too soon :(

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