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1000 Gifts

1. my parents extending their home to us while being evacuated from wildfires.

2. Joseph snuggling in closer to me while sleeping

3. the word mama, mom, mommy

4. fresh eggs from the farm...

5. evacuations being lifted

6. returning home to a home that was spared in a huge wildfire

7. watching yound pullets in the sunset trying to catch their first fluttering bug in the eve...

8. looking around @ the destruction caused from the wildfires, anticipating the months to come knowing that    HE makes all things new

9. messiahs Ranch and  how they use their facilities for Christ to do His work in others Hearts

10. the calm I get from anxiety after I relinquish those rights to God

11. Prayer

12. nice cps workers

13. be able to lay it all at the throne.

14. Worshiping a living God

15. Brother Larry & Cherry

16. My Little foster sons "X" crystal blue eyes

17. learning about the fruit of the spirit

18. farm life

19. animals

20. being a blessing

21. Hope in all things new

22. Being able to stand alone in my faith in my God, knowing without a doubt he is King and Lord of lords, and no matter what anyone else thinks, He is who He says He is ~ regardless of anybody elses lack of Faith or Belief.

23. Iced caramel coffee with a double shot of espresso, and sweet cream made flawless.

24. FBCM Wednesday nights worship - Incredible.

25. The giggles coming from the room next to me full of kids of all ages just tickled in amusement @ my farmers imagination and ability to tell creative stories.

26. Fellowship with good friends!

27. Game night

28. God's provision

29. God's mercy and how it's there everyday we awake

30. music lyrics that you have heard multiple times and then just that one moment where you are in sync with those lyrics and get chills/goosebumps because you just consumed those lyrics for what they really meant for the first time all over again.

31. Robbie Seay Band - Newest album rich man poor man - I so heart this album in its entirety

32. Morning prayer time with my husband

33. Our Moses... his life with us was so short, but yet so sweet.

34. Our time with our foster son X

35. watching our daughters grow into beautiful young women.

36. Counting my blessings... and realizing there are so many that I could post a million - Thank You God!

37. A husband who isn't afraid of trying new things....

38. Birthday wishes from sweet friends and family.

39. fried chicken night :) it's a southern thing...

40. my friend Michelle W. for her beautiful voice during worship, her yummy chicken & dumplings, her for beautiful soul and friendship!

41. My daughter Noel painting my toenails so carefully for my birthday.

42. being able to reflect Christ to my eldest daughter on something so painful and personal to me, and being able to set it aside because through HIM I can do all things - what a blessing.

43.The Freedom to home school my children.

44. for our small income... we have learned to re-purpose, build, repair and just seriously become very creative in the tightest of tightest moments.

45. For my husband who has the energy of a hamster he constantly runs on his wheel called life.

46. The curls on my children's heads every curly q so perfect in texture and bounce...

47. The celebration of our foster sons 2nd birthday

48. Tickled to the bone that every single person we invited to our 2011 Thanksgiving dinner this week has rsvp with a yes!!!

49. For the dentist who gave me my smile back

50. the feather on our dark Brahma Hens . . . amazed at how God perfected their beauty in every quill....

51. angels, can't help if God loved birds as much as us... after all he gave angels wings...

52. pink lemonade

53. A confidence that this life is by no means anything but a dress rehearsal for an everlasting party with my Savior.

54. making mistakes and learning from them

55. our foster son X - being with us for almost 5 months, and looking around for him to see what that 2 year old wonder is into, only to realize he has a visit with his bio mom today, thank you God for letting love this little boy like he is mine mine mine and missing him so much when he is not around...

56. Daughters to go shopping with for Thanksgiving dinner and those same daughters to help me prepare wonderful memories for an upcoming yummy feast with friends and family.

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