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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Womens Support Group

Womens support group @ church was introduced to me a little over a year ago. I was a "baby" Christian @ the time eh who am I kidding - I still am ~ but I'm more in my toddler stage... Anyhow I never envisioned myself in any type of "support" group. My life was upside down, I was sad, I felt lost, hopeless - I was broken and I needed help redefining myself.

How I got to that state is a long story, but never the less I got there, we all have the potential for hitting rock bottom one way or another - was it pride that made me think I would never be in a support group? It's like to say I am in a women's support group, says I have female issues within myself or the outside world in general - you know I just got to a point where I didn't care what that meant I needed something and I grasped on to anything at that time.

Let me tell you what my women's group isn't about - judging, insulting, hurting, hateful, negative - pretty much anything negative... does not exist.

What it is....It's God driven and facilitated by a wonderful woman who genuinely cares about each of us, Loving, Supportive, Encouraging, Embracing, Accepting, Acknowledging, Caring, Prayerful, Comforting - I attended my first time, choking on tears, I didn't speak probably the first several visits - I knew if I did I would be a mess, and honestly I had little faith and trust ~ However for some reason I came back every Tuesday, I needed to be there ~ hearing other women talk, was comforting, women who have lost their spouse, a child, a parent or other loved one, women who were in abusive relationships whether it was substance, physical, emotional, women who were going through or have been divorced, affairs, stress, depression - we came in all walks but faced similar challenges - I was not alone in my experiences. I never was alone, but I didn't understand this until I accepted Christ and became to immerse myself in God's Love and Word. Through strength in Christ and the shared stories and discussion I felt like I was no longer suffocating in my everyday life, I felt the wanting to live again. I felt myself opening up and sharing... through this journey I have learned how to forgive, really forgive - to let go, for me to to hold a wrong doing by someone is prideful, it not only hurts me, but hurts everyone I come into contact with, it keeps me from building REAL relationships with everyone including my own family. So I learned to let go and let God and live. Man that feels so good to not only say it but feel it. We are to forgive as it is obedient to the Lord - it is a choice and a decision that we make, when we take it to heart and give this forgiving thing a vigilant shot, we learn that this command is in our best interest as our reward in forgiveness is Freedom.

Staying angry @ others honestly just impairs our own ability to love and trust. In the end we hurt ourselves.

I am so thankful for the women's group @ FBCM - we learn together, cry together, laugh together, pray together ~ if you are a local friend and want to come along with me, please let me know! If you are a long distance friend I would love to help you with prayer, support group locations, and with some of the things I have learned. Feel free to comment!



  1. nice post Lana.. I am still interested in going to the next one. Let me know when it's starting.

  2. Thanks Steve, Looks great I am following now. Sharon ~ My womens group meets every Tuesday from 6 pm til 8pm, the next actual study starts February 2, 2011 it's on Wednesday mornings. It's called David ~ Seeking a heart like his I will probably do a small blog about it ;o)with video intro

  3. So glad that you have such a wonderful support system!

    I just found your blog through the Blog Farm :-)

    I can be found here: