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Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Thankful Thursday - Top Ten

Things I am thankful for -

1. The gift of hearing, as I type this I hear my birds chattering to the left of me while kids are giggling from the other room...wonder what's so funny in there?
2. My parents still being alive, I am thankful that I have been able to mend the relationships with them ~ that my teen years wrecked havoc on...
3. My Children ~ they are so all uniquely different but the same, There is nothing that any of them could ever do that would change how much I love each of them.
4. I am thankful for being able to cry ~ did you know crying releases hormones that are stress related and when released they are a natural pain killer! God is amazing!
5. I am thankful for my husband, we did a lot of things our way for so many years, and this last year of handing our marriage and daily life over to God, life has become livable.
6. Thankful for my friends - I have a lot of em these days! I always had a lot in school but for some reason I secluded myself as an adult up until a year or so ago, God wants us to have fellowship with each other, and I have found comfort in seeing the little gifts he instills in each of us.
7. The gift off being able to see. My night vision is horrible, however last fall (2009) my son was going blind - and the worries of life being different for him filled me, more so because there was no obvious reason @ first for him going blind, 8.Thank God for Doctors and 9. Prayers - after several days in the hospital and a few weeks @ home he was diagnosed and made a FULL recovery from Viral Meningitis ~ Praise The Lord.
Did you see I slipped 8 & 9 in there? I hope that wasn't cheating... ;o)
10. Thankful for being able to sit here in my own home, with food in the cabinets, and basic needs and then some.

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