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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting it all Together

For over 20 years, I knew @ some point I would want to adopt or be a foster parent... I knew I always wanted a large family - but extended not from just my womb, but a mom to other children ~ a family to those who don't have... Joseph & I have discussed this over the years for the right timing... we always thought our youngest two daughters preteen years or teen years would be best... Over the last two years I have touched on it a bit more, and he just felt he was not foster dad material.  This crushed my heart but certainly a huge decision I would respect.

One evening I went outside... this was sometime around 2010 Christmas... and I mentioned it again to Joseph and he just was not wanting to discuss it he feels that he failed our oldest daughter and felt if he could fail his own child how could he help someone else's? I heard him and understood his heart... but still heartbroken I went inside sat at my desk FRUSTRATED, I put my head in my hands, and just started to pray... God I have been going to the wrong man with my heart, YOU should have been my first stop. Lord you know my heart, I want so much to care for other children, your children, broken, scared, unloved, uncared for children... I want us to be your extended hands and heart on earth. Father, if I am being selfish and this is not your will Lord, please remove it from my heart - and Lord if Joseph and I can be a blessing to other children, if we are able to give these children who need homes and love and most of all - YOU, Lord - please place it on my husbands heart to consider this as a need for him not just a want of mine. . . in your precious sons name Jesus, Amen.

I kid you not in less than a couple of weeks, he came to me and said he was ready... he had talked to a couple of our pastors at church and a few other people he knew that adopted or fostered and said now is our time (THANK YOU GOD!)- January was here and we did our training in Austin for Fostering and Adoption - WOW I wish I would have blogged about this from the very beginning so much to take in... and so much to do, we have listed our references, background checks, FBI finger prints, different forms galore.
What we have left - our vet records, fire and health code inspection - (our county doesn't do it so the agency will) square footage of each room of house, fire escape plan - lock box for medicines and first aid... our home study! ~

I am so thrilled, for now I will stop as I am listening to one of the families being interviewed on the radio about their experiences! - if you are in the Austin or surrounding areas - and are interested in foster parenting or adoption -  please check out Family Link  

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  1. Hello!! Found your blog from your comment on facebook. We are a familylink family too! We are in San Antonio. Love your story of how the Lord led you!! Many blessings to you!!