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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Clucking For Jesus? What?

What is clucking for Jesus? I wanted to make a blog for our family and our recent choice over 2009 to accept Christ 110% (meaning in everything we do no half stepping) into our lives. The clucking part comes from our other path... we have always loved animals and over the years of taking in animals that needed a home Fortuna's Garden & Sanctuary came about. I know, I know what does this have to do with clucking and such ~ Fortuna's Garden is not your average animal rescue - we try to rescue without walls - primarily for small livestock the things that you won't find @ your local humane shelter. Our main focus Is God, Family, and chickens! Thats right you read correctly... chickens along with ducks, geese, other birds/fowl, and small livestock (goats, pigs, sheep, llamas, rabbits etc.) God loves us all this includes his creatures and sadly every year around Easter people want to purchase dyed ducks and chicks because they are soooo cute! These babies grow up and require maintenance that your average house pet would not include, so people dump their ducks in parks... where they have no natural instinct to survive as they has been breed to be in the backyard or on a farm... and the chicks end up on craigslist, freecycle or just dumped on a country road, lost and bound to be prey to an unsuspecting predator. Please feel free to sit back and enjoy our adventure and our daily experiences with the Lord, our family and animals.

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