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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Counting Chickens Before They're Hatched!

Well this is our third time using this particular incubator - it's a small one. It's still air with an egg turner, we added a hygrometer this time... the last few hatches had sticky chicks... which is not good by any means. We are on day 6! I am estimating the hatch to be around the 9th or 10th :-D - I have mostly copper marans and barred rocks in there, Molly the ducks last egg before she died (literally) she laid it in her hospital box and passed a couple hours later if the duckling hatches I want to call it Legacy - ducks take a bit longer to hatch so her egg will be in there a bit longer... there are also 4 guinea eggs as well!

Yard clean up is going so - so, I mean we are completely revamping EVERYTHING! SO having people out to purchase that haven't before are like what in the world ??? Seriously it's a mess, so far we have torn down 4 large coops... we dismantling a partial large chain link kennel it was very nice... (30 x 20 x 8 ) We just don't see us getting it together on our own and funds are not flourishing to hire someone to do it - so we are opting to just go with huge covered runs with mini coops inside ... :)

Last night our friends Andrew and Schrenia brought over a BUNCH of Pepperidge Farms Bread for us - and I mean a lot ~ all sorts of yummy types, it came at the perfect time, One I was out of bread for my family.... and 2 we feed the grainy breads to the birds inbetween meals sometimes - the squirrels love it, and it keeps the crows in our yard! Crows are good to have when there is a hawk issue, as the crows will gang up on the hawk and chase them out of the yard :-D

We have yet to get the fence up - but have some of the materials, Andrew is going to give us some wood post that were recycled from hurricane Ike! That will save us several hundreds of :victory: dollars! We have baby geese we set in a play yard during the day along with 2 ducks and @ night the come inside the house to sleep, for protection until fencing comes up - and last night :idk: something didnt feel right so around 9 pm the kids went out side and locked up all the adult geese in one of the coops for the evening along with Madeline duck... Oreo, Abby, Connor, Jumbo, Tan Base, and Sam insisted on sleeping in the pond... I thanked God when I woke up today and they were all accounted for.

Joseph will be happy tonight, I'm cooking a smoked turkey, stuffing, corn broccoli and cheese and some yummy pepperidge farms french bread!

Ok I am off for now - going to attempt to work on the website - God has blessed us with a wonderful down pour of rain and all I want to do is snuggle up in bed...

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