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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Catching Up *again*

So Friday my son Tre' (18) and I went thrift store shopping... the highschool and college students in our churchs youth ministry were having a "Thrifty Magoo Night", basically each student was supposed to put together tacky thrift store outfits... and then they were headed to The Woodlands Mall... for a scavenger hunt and dinner @ the Cheesecake Factory! We looked all over in the mens department and found nothing interesting... so we headed over to the womens department and we scored! What I discovered is that my son can wear a size 8 in womens and a womens medium shirt as well as a medium in jacket - not sure if knowing this information is scary or funny :P ~ Anyhow here is the finished product...

Onto other things... when we were moving the chicken coop last week... Schrenia had mentioned something about hearing that people who do not get bit by mosquitoes may have cancer, she included that she didn't know if it was true or not... let me say we are standing in the middle of a shady horse pasture and it's the evening I have no mosquitoes on me ... and she has a couple on her legs ::whimper:: All week long I have been meaning to Google this said possible theory and I just forgot about it anytime I was in front of my pc... so this morning here is what I discovered... People who tend to have a sweaty body, or body odor or even type O bloods attract skeeters. People with sweeter smelling skin type A or B tend to not get bitten as much... I need to make a mental note to ask Schrenia what blood type is she... cause she isn't smelly and if I recall right she doesn't sweat much if @ all on the other hand I can sweat pretty good if the activity level is right (which it was not that evening) and I am type O however my skin is probably of the sweeter smelling kind since I use a lot of lotions and smelly stuff... but whatever I got bit by a mosquitoes during the past week on my ankles and somehow that satisfied me. ;-)

Saturday we did an intake on two Peking Ducks out in Southwest Houston, both girls! Which is definitely good considering our population always is more on the male side. They are really cute girls and were easter ducks. Speaking of Easter animals... We sold Easter chicks this past year... and I will never do it again... the portion that we sold were people who were in it for entertaining their kids for a few hours.. I mean one guy admitted he didn't expect the chicks to live past 3 days - UGH WHAT? We bought our children Easter chicks several years ago and that is how our love story with chickens began... ended up with 3 roosters (Roostifer, Jackie Leggs, and Big Mac) one hen named Rosie. I remember when Rosie laid her first egg... we were like COOL!!! Then we were in awe like what do we do with it? So yes inexperienced people can buy farm animals and have a happy ending.. but after doing this for the past several years I have learned we are a unique case.

Sunday We went to church... Sunday school was very good - it was the Parable of the Rich Fool - Luke 12:13-21 ... and the sermon was about Fathers of Faith Make A Difference- the dads in the church received nice pens with the sermon title on it. Brother Ed has an incredible way of delivering the word and yesterday was no different. The kids bought Joseph a new thermos for work, he enjoys bringing his own coffee and his last thermos broke a couple of months ago, he was happy. I BBQ-ed for him last night - grilled chicken and sirloins along with seasoned rice, garlic bread, and a dutch apple pie with bluebell homemade vanilla ice cream for a nice finish!

As you can see it's another compilation blog, and I will somehow make it my duty to do this more frequently ... until next time - Cheers!

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