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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why Thank You Alex I'll take house keeping for $300 please!

I keep ranting on how I need a bigger desk... but I know fully that means a bigger space for a bigger mess... really now. You see I go through this desk @ least once a week and by day 5 it looks the same again and yesterday was no different, accept it was... I have always said my space could be a photo shoot for an "Eye Spy" or "Where's Waldo" book. I was sitting @ my desk for @ least an hour editing some stuff and I needed a notepad to jot down something...

As I started to shuffle stuff around there was my cat Sumo - am I this absorbed in my work where I didn't see him literally under my nose chillaxin, or did his Sumo cats status change to ninja kitty in hiding? Whatever! I am cleaning this dang desk as soon as the sun rises

Other fun stuff worthy enough for me to include here... Wednesday Night is Youth Night @ First Baptist Magnolia and my kiddos Love Love Love going... they were ready to leave... when I saw a post on Emily's facebook (one of the college student leaders my girls adore) that said crazy sock night get your booty here for church.... I mention to the kids and OI - we are off to another engaging clothes flinging, does this match running frenzy - looking for crazy socks too. My idea of swinging by the laundry mat to wash comforters diminished rapidly. Never the less they looked cute IMO...

Did you see that? I seriously need to work on making these pictures a bit bigger in this thing, lets try it closer up...

It was cute seeing a lot of the teens when dropping them off in their fun sock attire

It is now about 5 am... I have been up since 3 - and I think I will go start some yummy coffee and listen to the roosters :chicken2: bring in the morning sun .

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