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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MonTueWed What?

Well my washing machine and dryer issue is yet to be resolved so we started off doing laundry in Magnolia off 1488… their machines are decent. We used 4 triple load machines and 10 dryers cost right under $20 bucks and done under 2 hours.
We ran by the grocery to pick up some sandwich meat and swung by the feedstore for some pig feed and chick starter. Then we made our way back home and settled in to watch the original Karate Kid.
A couple of months ago a friend a few miles over bartered my son for some yard work in exchange for a nice little chicken coop with a pair of copper marans! Tonight some friends of ours along with us went to pick them up! Them loading it was not as challenging as Unloading it…
Puts a new twist to Poultry In Motion

It's Heavier Than it looks

Andrew had brought over some culvert piping for us a while back and finally we are putting it to use….

Rolling Rolling Rolling ~ Rawhide

after about and hour of so total this is drive there , loading, drive back, delegating, unloading, delegating some more and then setting up here it is :)

Thank You Andrew, Schrenia and their Trae for helping us!!! Our Tre’ salvaged the windmill last year in shop class – it adds a nice touch don’t you think? I am debating on adding a little white picket fence around it @ some point.

Tuesday – My girls had their first Bible study that they were actually able to attend! Having 2 cars is coming in handy and this is the first time in 18 years that we have had 2 functional cars!! We managed to buy a car from Jennifer (the same lady we got the marans from) it’s a 91 Volvo and her name is Elvis, the name has character and we are going to leave it. Ezekiel got some new girlfriends (we hope they are girls) A nice lady one street over had some pilgrims and we went and snagged a few – can I just say this family’s property was AMAZING I mean the self sufficiency layout is just WOW – and I can only hope in our reconstruction that ours can be a fraction as nice as hers… I can’t imagine all the labor that has gone in over there! Joseph retired early and I laid their and prayed for a balance in many things including restoration to his energy and strength. Things are off a bit.

And to say hello to Wednesday… it started off okay- got the kids up and the upstairs back in order, talked to Joseph for a bit and had some sort of disagreement that went nutty from no where in about 3 seconds Frown … I have to confess I am HORRIBLE at tact sometimes and I am the aggressor in many instances, but today I seriously do not know what happened… all over a car part that I wanted to check a price on for a deeper discount… really is it WORTH IT? So I am not being spoken to @ the moment. Wonderful. – I hear the whirling sound of the dishwasher going… I need to log off and gather the dirty clothes – yes I am off to the laundry mat again to wash a couple of comforters and a couple of days of clothing… afterwards I will be dropping the kids off @ their Youth group and head back home – Dinner tonight includes yummy sweet and spice chicken wings with extreme tater tots which reminds me I will need chilli grumble! I’m outta here!

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