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Friday, June 11, 2010


It has been a rough week, and I sit here and think of the senseless sadness and know there are other people in the world dealing with their own issues and even greater losses... Spot the duck is still in the house, she is too weak to go outside because the remainder of the male ducks just want to mate with her...

Tre is off in Lake Travis doing the male bonding think with his youth group it's a guys only thing, and I am sure it will be good for him to have a few days away :-) .

I really need to go to the store but have been procrastinating... going to try and drag my butt there some time this morning. Speaking of morning I have been up since 2 am - randomly checking on the birds outside... this in itself is ridiculous as I need to finish the website and I am having a hard time doing so, while trying to keep my head up - Lord give me strength, and please allow us the necessary adoptions to take place so that we may tackle this fencing project.

Joseph is doing a Wednesday night "Fisher of Men" bible study @ Brother Larry's home, he attended his first one this past week and LOVED it, which makes me happy!

I need to focus on absorbing more of Gods word daily so that I can apply it through the day, with my own words, my own thoughts and of course my actions.

Lets have faith that we will be able to sell some birds this weekend!

Thank You Lord for the rain we have had this week, I feel it has been a blessing in many ways...

PS - one of our turkey poults is now strutting his Tom stuff so so cute when they are still so small!

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