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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 2 of a sad day. . .

So last night we went looking for whip cream... we never found him :( but in the search Joseph found another red star pullet chick, and I saw skeeter under the brooder just standing there. For those of you who don't know skeeter ~ he was just the funniest duck a person could ask for. He was hatched here by a chicken named Belle that's right a chicken hatched skeeter the duck. So anyhow him just standing there was not normal behavior at all! As I got closer I noticed a swarm of flies around him YUCK :sick: which obviously tells me something isn't right! I call Joseph over and he grabs him... we take him over to one of the tables outside and he is COVERED in Maggots & Fly eggs :sick: Joseph spends the next hour cleaning him off while I help as best as I can I'm just about out of tears @ this point and all I can do is ask God to take poor Skeeter fast if it is his will for him to go to that big pond by his throne, I told Skeeter that I loved him very much and that it was okay to let go and that he had many friends in heaven waiting for him, he rested his bill on my hand with a slow breath and ducky sigh :( . After cleaning up skeeter we put him in the upstairs bathroom and he drank a little bit of water but in my heart I knew he was not going to make it, Molly who died earlier... was his daughter duckie... and his pal.

Skeeter passed away sometime during the night, I am thankful that we found him and that he knew we loved him poor baby. I haven't been able to sleep... and won't until this fence is up. At 4 am we patrolled the property and discovered 5 geese were missing, what in the world? I mean Ezekiel alone weighs @ least 35 to 40 lbs not to mention he is a fire cracker and has no quarrels about biting someone whether the occasion calls for it or not. we looked for over an hour in the wood/pond drove up and down the main road NOTHING! We locked up the 3 remaining geese... and went back inside. When the sun rose we went out again, I walked behind the pond and found another dead Pekin... I am thinking this is from the attack and because of the feathers it is sometimes hard to see their wounds unless there is feather loss and or blood - Joseph took the baby and i proceeded to pray and search for the geese, did someone steal them and if so why didn't we hear them honking? Same goes for an attack?? I thought I heard a soft honk of a Chinese goose in the woods and went to listen closer I called for Joseph and he went looking in the woods again. I went and sat by the pond somewhere tears found their way out again and I just cried for God to show us something... Please show us something? Joseph returned and said it was wild ducks (sigh). We started to turn towards the house and out of no where a LOUD HONK in the middle of the backyard stood Groucho one of our African Geese! OH My Goodness? We went quickly and around the corner of the water well came the rest of the ones that were missing! We have no idea where they were and they have certainly never have done this before, and can only assume that after the other night they took cover in fear... THANK GOD they are okay!

So far we have bought 6 cattle panels for the front drive... we need four more, and a few rolls of goat fencing for the rest of the property...

It's 8:30 and Joseph and the kids should be heading home from bible study and Wednesday night youth group... I am off for now and for those reading please keep our animals in your prayers as well as the ability to fence in the property so that we may continue rescuing other animals.

God Bless

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