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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A sad, sad day

In my 37 years I have never seen anything so HORRIBLE in my life...

Yesterday I was sitting in my computer chair it was around 6 am, I was talking to Joseph on the phone while he was on the way to work.... the phone beeped in and I'm thinking who on earth is calling me this early in the morning??? Looking @ the caller ID - it was Mr. G. our neighbor - When I answered he said that there were 2 dogs on my property killing my birds... Sure enough when I ran outside I didn't see them @ first... and as I got closer to the pond I saw their heads bobbing around swimming after ducks, I also saw a bloody feathery massacre everywhere. Screaming and crying while running, I woke up Sabrina, Noel & Tre'. The girls ran outside and Tre followed behind... In his underwear grabbing whatever he could to chase them off which happened to be a golf club. Everyone is crying and screaming our dog Jedi is running around the pond but HATES water so he was little help UNTIL Tre' Jumped in the water in his underwear with the golf club... the black dog jumped out and Jedi chased him off... the yellow dog well lets just say he played golf with Tre' :-( meaning the dog was getting his butt whooped by the golf club... by the time the dog managed to get out of the pond he ran off, and all we were left with was a bunch of tears shared amongst us and several ducks barely alive or dead, as well as 7 chickens...dead. I was so sick and disgusted - people who dump off dogs (or any animals for that matter) , or don't lock the dogs they own into a yard - MAKE ME SICK. We brought in several ducks half alive... I believe the count was 7 , so far there are only 2 left :cry: Whip Cream and Spot. We lost 4 spitzhaubens, 2 brahmas, and 1 black star... and as far as ducks - I am not even sure there were so many... R.I.P - Short Bus (who passed in my arms), Molly, Hilarious, Tiny, Laser, Ghetto Duck, Omaley, and the several others that were so disfigured...

We are selling a good portion of our flock ... to fence in the rest of our property, buy a shot gun, paint gun, and whatever else we need to do to prevent this from every happening again.

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