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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Adventure the Hero

Seriously I just need to discipline myself to make some sort of post more frequently... because so much happens around here so fast...

Baby Chicks - we have this adorable roo named adventure he is a bantam... and over the last couple months the bantam moms have been hatching to their hearts content. normally the mamas come out with the babies the problem is it takes a week or so for the babies to learn to walk up the ramp to nest for the night or for shelter... last week we had a horrible storm hit us out of the blue - the rain is a lethal thing for baby chicks, about 20 minutes into the storm that little light bulb over my head actually lit up and I realized the chicks were on the ground... and most likely their moms took cover! Running outside into the down pour to put the babies up ... there were none to be seen anywhere ?:-) but there sat adventure in the rain still as could be soak and wet, Noel picked him up to put him in the cage and TADA that little guy was sitting on the chicks!! SO Sweet! Later on Noel said to me "Mama, I think we should change adventures name to Hero"

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