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Monday, May 31, 2010

Busy Times

Well lets see ~ since I last blogged - I have been a little busy.

I went to an open house party @ http://simply-organized.weebly.com/ everyone who went got an hour of their services for free ! At the end of the evening they had a drawing for someone to win 4 hours of their service... I WON :highfive: goodness now what??? Okay to make a life story short here goes - I have always been very organized and "neat" - over time we hit a very hard financial crunch, and some other issues arose and I think I was depressed and didn't know it (after all who has time to be depressed around here?) - my entire home become overwhelming - I just was to consumed with issues to stay on top of things... However somethings have been looking up Thank GOD - SERIOUSLY! Finding a wonderful church family/home and letting God work in my life and home has been a blessing. Needless to say God helped me back up and I am able to function again - cleaning was like man - I mean I have a lot to do still but uhm I got rid of SO much stuff - I dunno if there is much left to organized... lol what I do need help with is awesome Ideas to decorate and make a few rooms functional. I adore both Rachel & Julies homes- they both have amazing ideas that fit into my life. Money has gotten better so I am hoping I can invest some back into our living space.

I also went to Dallas with my DH and DD's and enjoyed myself immensely ~ We stayed @ The Radisson MCM Elegante. Joseph's work picks up the tab since it is a business and after they make the reservations, I always call and change the rooms so they can accommodate the four of us. I was ecstatic they upgraded our room to a cabana suite - we were facing the nice pool and our room had a living room and 2 queen beds! The breakfast buffet was incredible and everyone who worked there was marvelous!!! Upon entering the hotel they had a large statue of the ten commandments - I thought this was pretty cool considering todays time. My ONLY complaint is the area of town... it's pretty icky however it's right by Joseph's training center ... so it's understandable why we are located there.

My DS had his Junior Prom as well - I must say he looked quite handsome 8-) and just wow @ how well he cleans up in a tux!!!

Joseph is working on a new turkey temporary set up as we have a bunch of chickens showing up this week - and the turkeys are residing in the space we need for them...

It's Memorial Day and I just want to say God Bless everyone that has served and is serving our country under the military - this includes our 20 year old Daughter Donna located in Colorado's Fort Carson.

Also a Happy Birthday to my Mother In Law

So I know this a rush job and probably not one of my better writings - but I felt the need to update since it has been so long til next time ~ Ciao

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