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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh - What a Day

:eek: So I am working on the website, my beautiful daughters are so helpful... (really they are). We are going to Dallas in a few days and ideally I love to leave the house tidy, so laundry is getting done by them bless their hearts. Noel comes in *insert reenactment*... Mom uhm the dryer isn't working, *Mom* WHAT do you MEAN the dryer ISN'T working??? *Noel in her sweet utoh voice* well it's not spinning... this is where I get up to go have a looksie for myself, apparently I didn't trust her full evaluation... ok maybe not trust is a little harsh :-/ - I was hoping her evaluation was incorrect after all she is only 11 -

Well now, not only is her evaluation CORRECT - but while trying to run the dryer with the door open I also notate that there is indeed a heating element out as well - ahhh well kiddos we will be hanging our stuff to dry for a couple weeks at least until payday. Really it's okay, a little tough considering Joseph took down the clothes line a few weeks ago as we are in the midst of relocating it a bit closer for convenience sake. So we will indeed make do, and I am looking at it as a savings on electricity for a couple of weeks and the Sun :sun: is God's gift to many things including drying clothes!

On the upper note I have been industrious :victory: today, I have made more progress on the website, added a forum and some more links. I scheduled Tre', Sabrina, & Noel all well check ups for June the 8th as well dental exams and cleanings! I also called for an insurance quote for our new but used Volvo, removed some old garden fencing and other stuff in the yard.

I have GOT to post this delicious pizza crust I made yesterday - it was DELICIOUS. Tonight we are Grilling a whole chicken (not one of ours ;-) ) and two TBone steaks. I also made time to blog - :rotfl: On that note it's about 3:45 pm and I am off to do some more stuff! :heart:

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