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Thursday, June 24, 2010

People are People (depeche mode anybody?)

Sorry for the lame title

I am so stuck in the 80's and I am not ashamed to admit it ;-) So for the longest time I considered myself somewhat antisocial, in my own little world... I had a handful of online friends and about the same in my offline world...

Then something changed it's funny I moved to the country with my family because I thought it would be more secluded and quieter - and it is! However... I have found us venturing into things that make being anti social near next to impossible... and I have for the most part have been absolutely better for it :)

I have met some wonderful people via church - Leslie my women's group facilitator is amazingly sweet and puts things in a wonderful perspective and the women in there are all from different backgrounds and are just a joy to be around through ups and downs.  Brother Larry and his wife Cherry are like leave it to beaver or father knows best material ( I am very serious) and they are just amazingly loving and caring and not the fake stuff it very genuine... I could go on with the relationships we have built but seriously who wants to know them all?

I do have to say the most out there people, and randomness lives has come from craigslist, freecycle and other forms of free advertising.... I could tell a lot of stories about that too but I won't not tonight anyhow - the one I will share is this fabulous couple we met tonight :) they were just so very nice - and we met via a craiglist ad (yay craigslist) ~ the couple came out with their daughter to purchase my black spanish white face pair, and also bought a nice set of spitzenhaubens,  and my d'uccle trio (bye fry guy) I know you are going to an awesome home!! Anyhow these people were just so nice to talk to and you know when you just enjoy being around another's company... Why cant all our transactions be as comfortable...

I've met some great people on freecycle, Andrew & Schrenia, Sharon & Gene, Jennifer, Janet and I am sure there are more people but all and all - I have learned that being antisocial means missing out on fun people... and I am glad we moved to the country for seclusion... I have never enjoyed myself so much good people, good fun, good times. I know I am cutting this off weird but I get up around 4 to 5 am and I am fighting my eyelids, so I am off to bed while I can still walk over to it...

Night Night World ~ God Bless and Sweet Dreams.

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