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Friday, June 25, 2010

Useless Children

I know, horrible mom I am for saying this but it is true !  Summer time is here and there are tons of church events planned for this summer... and to say it simple if my kids attend any of the events that are lock ins - they are pretty much deemed useless the day I pick them up ;-) .  We live on a very tight income... we stretch money to no means, and a lot of times honestly 5$ makes a difference between here and payday... This weekend the church had planned broomball for the Jr. High students which called for $20.00 per person (I have 2 jr high age students) and my son wanted to help as well (he is 18) and helpers were 10$ - now this will cover the use of the ice rink, and whatever food they eat etc... I would imagine it also goes into the gas fund and usage of the church bus.  So I obviously have no issue with how much events cost... I just simply didn't have the money and from where I sit I didn't see it coming from anywhere anytime soon before Josephs payday... The girls were really okay with this ( I was not) I wanted them to be able to participate so bad.... so I re-posted some of the birds we had up for sale on craigslist... and one set of birds were my Black Spanish - white face breeding lot for $50.00 - within an hour someone called!!! They came later that eve and bought the pair, along with 5 Spitzenhaubens, and 3 D' uccles!! For a total of $160.00 - AWESOME! There was enough for the kids to go to BroomBall, and enough for me to go do laundry @ they laundrymat (21 l0ads) :shock: enough to fill up one of the cars... and a bit left over for gas til payday! Thank you God! :inlove:

So Joseph and I have the house to ourselves this evening and is the reason I am cutting this short ;-) ~ have a wonderful evening !

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