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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If you blink you might miss something...

This blogging thing is fun, but yet life is so demanding... and the blog doesn't have a voice screaming for mom that it needs me, so forgive me if there is a lapse here and there.

Ok lets see fast mode -  Last Sunday we found a friends missing kid in town, it was a relief I can't imagine as a mom my child missing the panic that goes through me when my girls do not respond to me within a couple of breaths when I call them outside from the woods... her poor little guy was thirsty and being a mom I know he needed water and let him pick what he wanted instead :/ which of course was soda (you have to know he went on a 15 mile bike ride in Texas heat so yeah...) Tre electrocuted himself last week in Steinhausers ::giggles:: I know certailny I am wicked for laughing BUT he is 18 and should KNOW not to touch items in the store right??? We were looking @ poultry items which cattle prod's were on the same row and well he was curious and proceeded to touch himself with it - not knowing it was live and Oh gosh if I could have captured his sound effects and face running up the aisle :rotfl:

(takes a small breath) I have finally sat down to finish working on the website which is closer to getting done now - and took a break just to say hello to the world.... have a look and let me know what you think I should include please?

Tre is @ summer camp and my girls go for the first time in a couple of weeks! I am so thrilled for them <3 -

I have pinto beans on the stove... going to do some  bbq ribs in the oven, and wind down to watch some lost with my lovely husband - speaking of him - prayers please?  He has accepted a job offer in Magnolia!!! This will bring him about 15 miles from home - and the first time in over 10 years he won't have to use a freeway to get to work! Please pray that his transition will go well, and that the job will be a blessing to us, him and as well as those who he comes in contact with via his new position.  We are hoping this will help with a lot of the stand still projects we have going on - er on hold.

Saturday is Family Day with the Bockholts, I have't touched based with Schrenia yet, but Tacos sound yummy, with homemade salsa and other fixings? We shall see...

Okay back to web design I don't feel so guilty now that i manage to squeeze a few seconds in.

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