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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Tuesday and I am going to commit this blogging thing...

Well I have successfully slacked for over a month in webpage updates and blogging (maybe even longer).  Life has been interesting to say the least This will most likely be a pot of random ramblings considering I have the attention span of a 3 year old juiced up on red dye # whatever and pop rocks.  So hang in there with me!

So I have never done a Bible Study course in my LIFE!  Last year when I first started going to church I wanted to... but just was not feeling comfortable plunging myself into a bunch of somebodies feeling like not much of an anybody... So I procrastinated... and fall rolled around and there was another opportunity for me to sign up! So I did - for 2 studies!! Beth Moore's "Believing God" & Kay Arthur's "Covenant" both are on Wednesdays... Now mind you I was observing my husbands Men's Fraternity class over the last year... didn't seem like there was too much homework - so I figured I could handle 2 with no problem - HA! Truth is I can handle it, I just stink @ managing my time properly... so I stress myself out trying to complete things (this happens whether or not I am doing bible studies) So if you pray - please include a little one for me and my time management and studies, my heart so yearns to know God more personally, deeper, and effectively holding scripture in my head and heart.

Sabrina & Noel are now home schooled again without a state curriculum - we are using www.time4learning.com and switched on schoolhouse. I was happy with K12 - Texas Virtual Academy - However I was not happy with the state test that seem to overrule all other subjects and my heart goes out to all the kids that have to endure this stress, Science, History, Foreign Language, Bible, Art & Music all go out the window for about 5 months of the year... due to prepping the children for these test.  May God help me be a good mother and teacher...  Tre is a senior this year ~ I am so proud of him, he will be the first grandchild on both sides of the family to graduate :) .  DJ was home back in August... it was a nice visit I think?  I mean... towards the end it felt like she couldn't wait to leave, I don't believe she even told her Dad or brother bye (one was @ work and the other @ school) but still. and September has gone already and haven't heard from her, family never fails to ask how she is doing, and it never fails that my response is I don't know... add her on facebook to keep up :( .

Rescue/Bird Life - A  friend of ours is moving to the city and is unable to keep her Daisy Donkey so she will be living with us soon!  We are a bit excited and trying to get the rest of the yard fenced in, volunteers are very much welcomed for this process!  Fencing will be an ongoing thing here as we still have about 2 acres that need to be cross fenced for other animals and protection from predators.  We got our first set of Peachicks... no names yet until we can sex them but here they are -

We also have some Beautiful White silkies (will post pictures soon) along with blue Cochin and various Polish chicks (so fun). We have been doing a lot of cleaning over the last month and have decided it is time to buy a workshop... We definitely need one Joseph has too many tools just thrown all over because there is no place to store them.  The workshop will help store donated cages, feeders, waterer's, wire, etc - along with Feed!!! Yes I am so thrilled to move the feed out of the house! Once we have a breaker box put in the workshop we can raise the peachicks in there... they are not to touch the ground for the first 2 years of their lives due to possible worm contamination.

I am cooking a lot for different church studies any recipes that are a proven crown pleaser are welcomed!  Our church is having their annual community pumpkin patch in a few weeks, so if you want to buy a pumpkin (along with other yummy goodies and crafts, fun) - please consider buying one from First Baptist Magnolia - all the proceeds are going to fund Back to school INC.  - this ministry, provides - shoes, backpacks, immunizations, haircuts and more every year to kids who might otherwise go without!

Okay I am sure I left out some fun stuff... not intentionally -

One more thing this one is a big one - if you enjoy feel good music that just makes you want to open your windows and enjoy the day maybe even catch you singing along or even tapping your foot - check out this LOCAL band!!! Gatlin Elms - oh so wonderful delightful to the ears!!! http://www.gatlinelms.com/ You can preview their music right there on the page - they also have a concert this Sunday $10.00 admittance gets you in and a cd!

Okay now I am done - Cheers!

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