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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

carpe diem

Webster says....
carpe diem : the enjoyment of the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future

Originated - Latin, literally, pluck the day
First Known Use: 1817

I saw this on my husbands work shirt from an old employer today and wasn't fully sure what it's true definition was.

Google can be a friend or a foe... for instance if one wants to know a definition like above, friend!  However if one wants to google a medical condition it can send you on a sleuth of  issues that you never knew existed and by the time you are done you might as well add paranoia to your list of ailments - Foe! ?:-)

Anyhow this weekend was PACKED - We now have four Peachicks, and several more chickens... we also have a lovely black and white pot bellied pig up for adoption - she is $50.00.  We (Joseph) dropped the post in for the side of the house fencing for Daisy's temporary yard... We are opting to home her on a semi dry lot for health reasons.. not sure yet.  We have several chicks available for adoption @ this time they are $5.00 a piece.

So Sunday we had SS - we finished up on Job - but I am not done observing him, what an incredible act of faith, way of life, of love and trust!!! Then we had worship which always sends me off with such a good message, we are learning about Who God is? and this weeks lesson was Our God is Gracious - AMEN!  Then we followed up with a lovely fellowship BBQ @ Brother Larry & Cherry's home - Janets grandaughter fell in the lake when she was trying to get out of the paddle boat :laugh: I can laugh because she was okay - I had a feeling one of them was going in... I missed the picture  but here they all are on the boat The kids finished up the evening with a concert @ First Baptist Magnolia - The saw Gatlin Elms & Iowa Park!! The music is amazing and there was an awesome deal of a free cd with the entrance fee of $10.00 and if you already had the cd you had the choice of a t-shirt!  You can check out Gatlin Elms here !

This week will be crazy too - Monday we worked on the fence for the donkey... and today I did 18 loads of laundry( I was seriously behind due to being sick)! We also went to willowbrook mall to pick up Just Dance 2, the kids reserved a little over a month ago and today was its release date :). I have my womens group tonight but I am just not feeling up to going with everything else and getting over the cold... but tomorrow I double back up with my studies @ church and the kids have youth group and Joseph has Mens Fraternity! . . .

Thursday I pick up 55 chicks (silkies and assorted bantams) we will see where life leads us from there!


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