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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Whooped and then some!

This is another one of those  Gypsy stew post - a little bit of this & that :)

Holidays are sneaking up so fast on us - I am really wanting to keep it simple and creative - I think home made and O.A.K. gifts are simply awesome so each time I blog I am going to try and plug @ least one etsy artesian! Do you know what etsy is?  Basically an awesome world of artesians brought to you in your comfort zone anyone can sell or buy - Today I am sharing Julie's stuff - she has these adorable Owls "Person-Owl-iteis" each owl is hand made and comes with a name & story that intertwines with the others - teehee soo cute! Anyhow you can Buy her stuff Here- I personally would love to get Frieda but then after reading Frieda's Bio I feel compelled to buy George and I could sit them across the room from each other <3 but wait there is a triangle .... Janice ugh, she would have to be included, as I wouldn't want her knocking @ my door @ 3am for breaking up her secret dating with George. Seriously? I love it~!

Okay back to what I normally do - We are having a huge blow out sale on birds - please support our efforts in trying to configure this property to run efficiently and safely so that we may be able to take in rescues as needed! If you are interested in adopting a chicken or duck you can email me @ lana@clucking4jesus.com!

I am off to toss a roast in the crock pot... will make a genuine effort to share more stuff next time!


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