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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm gonna praise HIS name.

Sometime's life is hard, I get that. Sometime's we are surrounded my negativity, fair weathered friends and relatives, or complete strangers with impeccable timing that makes me want to run in to my comfort zone. Since I have last posted I have observed a lot of stuff and I see myself transforming.

I weighed myself the other day... my scale came in and Good grief I have gained some weight... again - I can only assume it has been the fast food that we have eaten over the summer... we normally avoid it but on the run sometimes it is just easier, but harder in the long run. So a friend of mine introduced me into a weight loss thing she has done and she looks fabulous - I researched it a bit as I have never been one to diet - as most often it seems unrealistic - but this one sounds and looks different promising instant results and ongoing results. At first I wasn't going to do the whole blog about it or vlog - but I need to if I can be an inspiration to anyone else - I want to be. I weigh a lot, and I am embarrassed to say how much just yet, but when I get my stuff in for the diet I will bare all - my height weight, progress and maybe even a video snippet?

So onto other things - we sold Olivia a couple of weeks ago - that was fun and something I do not want to do again, Pigs can be scary when made to do things they don't want to do! Daisy Donkey is also here, gosh she is so adorable, funny and has a wonderful disposition! We have sold several birds over the last 2 weeks and have pretty much completed the fenced in area she is in, I need to get a few more gates but for now we are using extra cattle panels.

Tony Evans - wow what an incredible vessel for God - he just speaks so wonderfully - we all have that potential to be a wonderful vessel for God - we just need to ask God to use us as he will. Mostly we need to just give our lives to God and not be stubborn and kick our feet when he presents us with opportunity.

Bible Studies - both of my studies are coming to an end, some what relieved yet saddened - I was so overwhelmed with the double homework! I have been so blessed to grow closer in Gods word, I have learned so much and finally grasping it all and a new understanding of things. Just let go and let GOD is so easy to say but in the life of a sinner and doer - it presents a challenge, a challenge I find myself in constant prayer over. I have learned that there is true forgiveness, a forgiveness where you can let the horrible wrong things stop controlling you or weighing on your shoulders. I have learned to guard my mouth more... my thoughts not so much - I am working on that. The study of David is in the Spring and I am surely going to attend that one *God Willing*. I thirst for Gods words more than I know and only wish I knew him earlier on in life.

So with all of that, I am off for a bit to tend to life :)

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