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Friday, November 26, 2010

I did it!

I moved all my post from wordpress... YESS ~ sad thing is I can't move the comments from the post with them... so if you were one of the people who left me comments, I am so sorry - as I do Appreciate and Love all of them! It's Friday night and my husband is off from work for a 4 day weekend - he has yet to ever have one of those in over 18 years!!! I have to admit at first I was a little concerned no work means less money as he works flag time - but then today waking up not having to rush him off etc - reminded me the Lord has us, all is fine! What a blessing! We have spent the day virtually doing nothing! Ha! We collected eggs - today (around 60) My girls don't seem to mind the time change - and no we do NOT use artificial lighting! The rest of the day has been spent with me converting this blog, watching an episode of Eureka via netflix with the family, and Joseph, Sabrina & Noel played D & D - Sabrina is the DM - and wow for 12 years old she has done her reading!! It's 11 pm and they are playing Mario Cart on the we (they includes Joseph) and Tre' got home not to long ago - from spending the day with a friend :). I think now that I am in a more comfortable platform I may be able to contribute more often to posting! I have a lot of photos to share and things that ramble on through my mind... but for now I need to stop - I have a sweet tooth and am wanting the cranberry relish salad that Joseph inhaled today - OY - off to the kitchen to see what I can find ~

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