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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Redeeming the Season

Catching up.... Last Thursday night was the womens banquet @ our church, it was wonderful! The guest speakers Pam McCune & Kim Wier of Engaging
Women Ministries - were pretty hilarious with a honest message of redeeming the season. Redeeming the season? That's what I as a new believer needed to hear, how does one redeem a season - that never truly celebrated the season past a tree and gift giving? The other night one of the women in my ladies group asked me if we have any Christmas Traditions... sadly no we do not, so I am learning to start some. This year will be our 2nd year attending the Christmas Eve service
@ First Baptist Magnolia - so I would imagine that is a tradition in the beginning. I recently blogged about 3 gifts ... that is another tradition I would love to do. I would love it if some of you would share your traditions with me... Now I'll be honest I am looking to adapt some into ours so please only share if your heart tells you too and won't be upset if I borrow your tradition and make it part of ours :)...

Before I go I want to share a few photos from the
banquet, the tables are decorated by the women who reserve the tables - they did such a lovely job - Leslie decorated our table with the partridge in a pear tree theme... so I will share that photo first

there were 30 tables so of course I won't post all of them but here are a few more....
Simply Beautiful!

I never found out if these little presents in each glass were "decor" or some sort of little trinket for each lady @ that table....

This picture does not show the beauty in the purple and silver... it was stunning.

Did someone book Martha Stewart for this event? I am overwhelmed with the creativity of each woman who set up their tables ~

and the last one I'll share ... I would love to decorate my own table like this for my guest @ home... but I have cats... and they would love to sit on all of this and paw @ it ~ one day!!

I also took Sabrina (my 12 yr old) and Noel (my 11 year old) daughters - I am so encouraged to want to share fellowship amongst other women with them - in their earlier years they saw mom go to the grocery, park, and grandma's house - but never celebrating and sharing life with other women - How important this is!!! I never thought it was until I started myself, and realized how much God wants us to share with each other, the joy and happiness his creation has to offer we tend to see the ugly and bitterness when doing it alone....

I would love you, you and of course you to join me next year... and if we can't celebrate together because of distance, I encourage you to look in your community to experience the joy of sharing the season of Christ Birth with others!!

I almost forgot to share.. my 11 year old daughter was one of the door prize winners she was so tickled.... here she is

God Bless~


  1. Thank you SO much for stopping by my blog! You're so sweet.
    Sounds like you had a great time at the banquet, and the tables are gorgeous! A round of applause for your hospitality committee :)
    We have a few traditions in our family: Every year, since my son was born, he has helped me set up our Christmas town on the piano. He turned 18 this year, and I wondered if he had outgrown our tradition, but he was very adamant about setting it up with me and on nowhere else but the piano - he's never been big on change :) Also, it's always a big deal to set up my Grandmother's 3-tier candy dish. I've left the green and red ribbon she tied to the top during her last Christmas with us about 10 years ago (I'll never take it off). It's a dish my dad bought for her back in the '50s, and I'll always cherish it.
    Traditions are born out of love, and it's never too late to start one!
    Be Blessed today!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing and stopping by!! I love that your son still wants to share that special time in setting up (excuse my Texas slang) ya'lls Christmas Town!! and The dish I have 2 prized dishes that were my Granny's a candy dish and a simple bowl - those are some of the priceless things that simply can't be replaced - I love that you have left the ribbons on there too!