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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Being Thankful

I didn't get to post my thankful fors - yesterday, does the fact that I am trying to move all my wordpress blog entries to my blogger account give me a good enough excuse? I have decided I really enjoyer blogger more than wordpress (I think) could be because most of my friends are on blogger heh? anyhow here goes -
I am thankful for so many things I am sure I will miss something here an there but I will try my best to keep it together ~
I am thankful for my family - not just my husband and children, but everyone - even the ones I do not get to see ever - they are part of my heritage and footprints of tomorrows generation. I am thankful for all of my grandmothers - how each of them uniquely have placed a forever forget me not in my heart - all incredible ladies my grandmother Zora is STILL alive God Bless @ the age of 90 which leads me to being thankful for my Granddad Lemmon - I remember walking in downtown Houston as a little girl thinking I had the best grandpa cause he was the tallest, we would always go to James Coney Island for hot dogs for lunch - he too is still alive - how incredible to be a witness of so many inventions, generations, and world changes. I am thankful for having the freedom to choose religion and be open about it ~ I am thankful for my church family and all the wonderful pastors that lead our congregation! I am thankful I found Christ here was here all along, but I am happy I can praise him and love him for the Saviour He is! I am thankful for details, I mean seriously all the incredible details God has implanted in this great big world! Little things we discover each day, from the hues of a sunset, to the fine details of outlining every feather, flower, texture, scent, sound how incredible to be part of creation. Silly things - I am thankful for sweet iced tea, chocolate, pralines, chickens, chicken fried steak, bbq, plus sized undies (Ha!), and pretty paint.
Most of all I am thankful for my old friends, new friends, and every friend I have yet to meet.

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